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About Graphology

How Graphology is Used

  • Self Understanding
  • Personnel Selection
  • Husband/Wife Compatibility
  • Genealogy Studies (analyzing ancestors)
  • Interrogation Aid (help investigators question suspects with a better understanding)
  • Business Partner Compatibility
  • Career Guidance
  • Evaluation of Sales Potential
  • Understanding Management Style
  • Probation and Parole
  • Informative Guide for psychiatrists, psychologists, school counselors, ministers, teachers, doctors, law enforcement officers, etc.
  • Rental Property (screening applicants)
  • Detecting Unreliability
  • Improving Interpersonal Relations
  • Team Building
  • Employee Evaluations, Performance Reviews and Promotions
  • Employer/Employee Relations
  • Problem Employee
  • Student Evaluations
  • Reflect Change and Growth (from year to year)
  • Better Understand Your Child, Teenager, Parent, In-Law, etc.
  • Negotiating Tool
  • Unique Gift (birthday, personal or business anniversary, Christmas, etc.)