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A Question of Honesty
by Iris Hatfield

Do you know the 40 handwriting
signs of dishonesty?

A comprehensive resource that makes it easy
to evaluate the honesty/dishonesty continuum.

This 53-page book contains:
· 40 Handwriting dishonesty signs
with descriptions & examples
· 70 Handwriting samples with case studies
· The HuVista Honesty Index
· “Channels of Communication” -- methods used to communicate consciously & subconsciously
· Learn: Honesty's #1 enemy
· Two basic types of dishonesty
· Five honesty controls
· What constitutes honest writing

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Write Sayings - Right Now!
by Iris Hatfield & Kay Beverly

Business and Career Trait Descriptions
for Handwriting Analysts

Increase the professionalism of your
analysis reports. This analyst's resource includes 109 traits and characteristics, plus 780 different ways to describe them.

Learn how to:
· Describe handwriting traits in business terms
· Explain the strength or weakness of a trait
· Describe traits as they relate to the job
· Explain the same trait in different ways

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Make Handwriting Talks Pay!
by Iris Hatfield

Are you a competent, well-informed graphologist who speaks on handwriting analysis, but often makes very little for your time and effort?

This book includes:
· Tips for making your presentations professional, polished and profitable
· How to respond to questions about
Handwriting Analysis
· How to turn questions about handwriting into
sales opportunities for your business
· Sample handouts including handwriting sample forms, sales tools, newsletters and P.R. forms.

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