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As corporate America embraces handwriting analysis, the decision makers are finding diversified uses for using Handwriting Analysis as a Human Resource tool. A detailed, professionally prepared HuVista Analysis can be used to assist in Personnel Selection, Employee Promotion, Downsizing & Firing and Compatibility Issues.

Eight reasons why Handwriting Analysis is an effective Personnel Tool

Obstacle      Solution
1. A resume can make applicants appear more qualified than they are.
  • Handwriting can often reveal what the resume conceals.

Some applicants are smart enough to slant psychological tests in their favor.

  • Successfully altering a handwriting sample is extremely difficult.
3. Many applicants are experts at interviewing and will tell you what they think you want to hear.
  • The applicant cannot hide messages the brain dictates to the moving hand.
4. A firm handshake, good eye contact and a nice appearance can be misleading.
  • Handwriting is the body language of the brain and can reflect the true nature of the writer.
5. Anxiety associated with taking tests often causes hidden potential to be overlooked.
  • Handwriting analysis eliminates most test anxiety because only a writing sample is needed.
6. Reference checking is difficult because of legal restraints.
  • A professional handwriting analyst can "red flag" specific areas to investigate further.
7. Tests often discriminate against a protected class.
  • Unless it is in the content of the writing, a handwriting analyst cannot determine age, race, gender or religion from handwriting.
8. Psychological tests can be lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Obtaining a handwriting sample is easy and unobtrusive.

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