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Types of Corporate Reports

*Each member of the team must have been previously analyzed on a Comprehensive Profile before ordering a Compatibility Analysis or the Team Profile.

Quick-Screen Report - $55

This one-page report gives several key strengths and weaknesses. The candidates are rated in one of three categories: "Most Likely to Succeed", "Marginal" and "Unlikely To Succeed". The Quick-Screen Report is often used to determine the most qualified candidate from numerous applicants applying for the same position. It is recommended that a Comprehensive Report be prepared on the final applicants for more in-depth information. Half the price of the Quick-Screen will be deducted from the cost of the Comprehensive Profile. No additional handwriting will be needed, just call for the upgrade.

Comprehensive Profile - $275

  • This 15-page report is a detailed & versatile personality profile, excellent for:
    • applicant screening
    • interviewing
    • performance appraisals
    • team building
    • self-improvement
  • The Profile is divided into three major parts:
    • a four-page Trait Analysis Graph measuring 130 Mental, Social, Motivational and Emotional Traits
    • two pages listing personality strengths and weaknesses
    • personality-type description
  • Each Profile includes a job-related HuVista Success Rating
  • The HuVista Comprehensive Profile includes a phone consultation with a certified graphologist. Having an opportunity to discuss the report with the analyst assists you in tailoring the results to specific job needs or personal insights.

Compatibility Analysis - $125

The Compatibility Analysis is a verbal report with a certified graphologist on the compatibility between two people and how they will relate to each other. Each person must have been previously analyzed on a Comprehensive Profile.

Team Profile - $140 per team member

The nine-page Team Profile is a comprehensive overview that highlights the contribution each person makes to the team. This report compares the management, subordinate and performance styles of each team member and suggests the type of management style most effective for each person. The Team Profile is a valuable tool for developing a dynamic, cohesive team by utilizing and accentuating the natural talents of each member. Before ordering the Team Profile, each member of the team must have been previously analyzed on a Comprehensive Profile.

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