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Personal Uses

  HuVista provides Self-Understanding

  I'd like to have my handwriting analyzed, but I don't know what to expect.
  • Having your own handwriting analyzed is a unique experience.
  • The analyst doesn't know you, what you look like, how you act and react, hasn't interviewed you, seen your resume or the scores of any other personality tests you may have taken. All the analyst has is a full page of your handwriting so you will receive a totally unbiased analysis.
  • From your handwriting, the analyst will explore the many facets of your personality and focus on your individual strengths as well as your opportunities for growth.

  Assists with Career Decisions

  I'm restless in my current job and wonder what field would suit me better?

  • It has been determined that personality is the most important factor in job choice, satisfaction and long-term success.
  • The HuVista Comprehensive Profile analysis matches your personality to job environments by classifying all jobs into six career categories according to their respective personality types.

For example: Are you more the Artistic Type or the Conventional Type?

Artistic Sample

The Artistic Type likes to work in unstructured situations using imagination and creativity where originality in language, writing, design, performance or products are required.

Conventional Sample

The Conventional Type enjoys more structured tasks that require efficient, systematic adherence to a prescribed plan.

  Improves interpersonal relationships

  Do you know your personality type? Find out in the HuVista Personal Comprehensive Profile. It explains the different personality types and where you fit in. Would you like to strengthen your relationships? Good relationships evolve from good communication. Having a better understanding of the various personality types in relation to your own can provide insight into how to improve your communication with others.  
  Are you having conflicts with someone close to you such as a spouse, sibling, parent, child, in-law, boss or close friend? After you order HuVista Personal Comprehensive Profiles on the two of you, you can order a verbal HuVista Compatibility Profile to provide additional insight into your relationship with one special person. This profile is often ordered when important relationships, such as marriages or personal relationships are being considered.

  As a tool for personal change & growth

  Have you read various self-help books wishing they pertained more to you? An analysis based on your handwriting will reveal your own personality. It is you, no one else.
  What information do you get from a HuVista handwriting analysis? All HuVista handwriting analyses will provide you with an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. You can use this valuable information as a guide for personal change and growth.

  Provides a baseline

  When is the best time to have my handwriting analyzed? A handwriting analysis gives you a portrait of how you are at the time of the writing. Personal analyses are often ordered at times of change, such as: moving into a new job or making a career change deciding to begin or end an important personal relationship re-evaluating short-term priorities and long-range goals
  I had my handwriting analyzed some time ago. Would another analysis give the same results? Once you have had your handwriting analyzed, you have a baseline for comparison. You can record your character growth, much as you periodically measure your height or weight, by having your handwriting analyzed every few years. An analysis helps you chart your progress.
  I'm not at any special time in my life. Why would I want to have my handwriting analyzed? You can tap into your personal strengths, find new focus, build upon your talents and face new challenges. With the power of self-knowledge, you can realize your full potential and soar to new heights.

And it's Fun!

  It sounds very mysterious to me. Why do you say it's fun? For centuries, people have wondered how handwriting can reveal personality. It's rather mysterious, and they want to see what their own handwriting reveals. When our clients get their HuVista analysis, they often say something such as:
  • "WOW, that's really me!"
  • "I can't believe you got all that from my handwriting!"
  • "I had to try it to believe it."
  • "What fun!"

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